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A gifted writer, relentless researcher, and natural ability to lead position clients to seamlessly advance in their careers.

Nonprofit MBAExecutive HeadhunterCertified Resume Writer

Nonprofit MBAExecutive HeadhunterCertified Resume WriterKick-Ass Interview Prepper

We don’t have to settle ONLY on the opportunities advertised as open…


I’ve had a strange idea since my early days as an executive headhunter for life sciences that talent, not the client (hiring companies) have earned the spotlight.


Cold-calling up to 1,000 unsuspecting MDs, PharmDs, and MBAs, to pitch a new opportunity on our client’s behalf taught me a number of things: the world’s most brilliant scientific minds produced some of the world’s worst resumes/CVs; great talent delivers stellar performance even if, and especially outside, of their traditional job roles; and lastly, at the heart of all talent is a human with a story and those stories, more often than not, include aspects that mirror the stories of the people hiring.


It takes a skilled interviewer to unearth that story and a strategic writer to help you tell it. A partnership with Hire Writing enables professionals on all levels and across all industries to effectively sell the right story.

Talent Advocate

It’s my honor and pleasure to steward professionals’ journeys from the seat they’re in now to the one they envision in their next professional chapter. If there’s a job you want but they’re not hiring, so what? Let’s get it anyways. If there’s a job you want and they are hiring, pick out your best interview outfit… you’re going to use it within 72 hours.