Interview Concierge

Interviewing has evolved from an antiquated, semi-structured ‘audition’ focused on behavioral, S.T.A.R., and case-related questions. You are expected to evaluate your interviewers and the opportunity so that everyone is confident there is a mutual fit. 


I research everything for you: your interviewers, the company, and pertinent external factors likely driving their need (behind the scenes) for this new hire.

The result: knowledge is power. Know who you’re interviewing with before meeting face-t0-face… who they are; what they like; what they don’t; topics of interest and concern; even their sense of humor. 

Live Prep and Q&A

A 60-minute session in which we…

1. Link specific aspects of your experience to my pre-search findings.

The result: sharp talking points; calm nerves; ‘ah-ha’ reactions from your interviewers.

2. Craft meaningful questions about the ‘mission’ of the role.

The result: interviewers impressed by your forward-thinking insight.

3. Reframe any concerns you have about the opportunity, company, or team, into diplomatic, intelligent, and thought-provoking statements.

The result: leave armed with practical information to make an informed decision for your life.

One-Sheet Cheat-Sheet

I distill and deliver a one-sheet comprised of all we’ve covered…

– pre-search findings

– linkages to your experience

– smart questions about the job

– scripted questions about the team, culture, and compensation

Refer to this document throughout the lifecycle of your interview. No more surprises. Never again forget to ask something important.

Post-Interview ‘Thank You’ Notes

We’ll debrief after every interview. I’ll create a custom thank-you note for every person you interacted with and deliver to you within 12 hours of our debrief. No more boring, “thanks for your time…”, messages but hypersonal communication that speaks to every individual and makes a lasting impression.

This is the last opportunity to make your voice stand out amongst the competition.