Resumes & LinkedIn

All resumes include one 60-minute live consultation.

*consultations in excess of 60-minutes are subject to additional fees

I interview you from the point of view of your respective future hiring manager(s) to develop new content for the resume. My former experience partnering with hiring teams during the resume review process provides me with insider’s knowledge you won’t find elsewhere. This method is highly effective as every resume, unique to your experience, is achievement-based, highlights the impact of your contributions via context, and demonstrates how you have, or will, solve their specific problems.

Review & Analysis

Correct the gaps holding you back

The cheat-sheet to your next role…

Suited For…
  • Professionals at all levels
  • Who know what they want to do next, or
  • Feel their current resume lacks impact
  • Know their resume is relevant but looks or reads as outdated
  • Suspect their resume isn’t ATS-friendly
  • Want to make an industry leap
  • Seek guidance on how to present their experience for a promotion or better title

**above are examples; contact for questions

Use Case(s):
  • You want to learn to implement best-practices with expert guidance
  • You’re not receiving call-backs after submission

  • Your resume content is good but will benefit from structural help

  • Be prepared for when you’re spontaneously approached

Comprehensive Upgrade

‘Polish’ all experience to date.

A single-document repository of polished experience to date.

Suited For…
  • C-Suite or 10+ years’ experience
  • Multi-industry professionals
  • Diverse but nuanced experiences like…
    • different therapeutic areas within pharma
    • broad sales across products, services, and/or accounts
    • project management in many verticals

*above are examples; contact for questions

Use Case(s):
  • Convenient reference tool for interview preparation and rehearsal

  • When aspects of many unrelated experiences can advance your career

  • ‘Cherry-pick’ polished content to tailor future resumes on your own

  • If you’re spontaneously approached for your resume

Targeted Resume

Function- or industry-specific. 

Designed to pursue several opportunities similar in scope.

Suited For…
  • People who love what they do but want to do it elsewhere…
    • a new boss, team, or company
  • Those in search of a higher-level title and/or more compensation
  • Functional experts looking to break into a new industry
  • People with established experience in one or more unrelated areas e.g. operations and marketing
Use Case(s):
  • To pursue related/similar titles at many companies

  • To pursue several similar titles and still hyper-personalize to each one

  • To establish your expertise in one area

  • *Highly recommended: one targeted resume per function of interest e.g. one for marketing and one for operations
Tailored Resume

Title- and/or company-specific.

Ensures hiring authorities understand your precision ‘fit’.

Suited For…
  • All career levels
  • Those targeting a specific opportunity
  • To get your ‘foot in the door’ somewhere specific
  • Times when an opportunity you really want is no longer advertised as open
  • For a warm introduction to a company that may or may not be hiring
  • To get on a hiring team’s radar for future pursuit
Use Case(s):
  • Increase your chances to interview for a dream job

  • To concisely demonstrate your transferable skills (or experience)

  • Market your ‘personal brand’ in alignment with a company’s culture

  • *Highly recommended: if an opportunity is very attractive to you, invest in the effort to convey that

LinkedIn Profile Optimization

SEO-Optimized for optimal discovery by the companies, recruiters, and peers of your choice.

Ensures hiring authorities, industry-leaders, influencers, and your personal network understand your personal and professional brand. 

Suited For…
  • Industry-transcenders
  • Strategic opportunists
  • Folks with data points (e.g. volunteerism, publications, social followings, etc.) relevant to their desired pursuits that fall outside the traditional category of ‘professional’
Use Case(s):
  • A static candidate marketing tool (free and available for viewing 24/7)

  • Establish subject matter expertise outside of one’s actual career history

  • For proactive networking and network-building in preparation for an anticipated career move