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Resume Submission to Offer Acceptance

Job-Hunt SupportResumes & LinkedInInterview Concierge

Job-Hunt SupportResumes & LinkedInInterview Concierge

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The ‘Black Hole’

No one is calling after you apply…

Attributable to many factors; some within your control and some that are not. Let’s first ‘diagnose’ your situation to apply optimal course correction.

Are you targeting appropriate opportunities? Is that job really open? Can your resume ‘pass through’ the application tracking software (ATS)? If so, which human will read it? Is that the right human to read it? If not, who is? – let’s redirect to them. Is your value clearly communicated?

And most importantly, does your resume convince the readers you can solve their problem now?

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Interview Bottleneck

Being released after the first interview…

Your resume is getting you noticed, but not hired. You might be surprised to learn it can also serve as an interview prep sheet.

If you don’t have new info to share during the interview your LinkedIn profile and/or resume offers too much. Repetition is painfully boring. A good profile is a snapshot of the content on the resume. A good resume compels the reviewer to invite you to interview, where you will expand on what’s already known, add to it, and leave a favorable impression to advance forward.

Do your materials entice and convince the reviewers you’ve solved their problem before?

LinkedIN & Resume

Competitive Advantage

You’re advancing through interviews – not getting offers…

So you have to ask yourself, honestly and courageously, what your competition has (or is doing) that you don’t (or aren’t).

Perhaps you’re a rockstar interviewee: polished, likeable, knowledgeable, interested, and interesting. Those are serious assets live (in person/on video), but how are you staying top-of-mind when those interactions end?

How are you staying memorable?

Your job now is to outshine your competition, who are presumably, interviewing just as well as you.

So ask yourself, does your presence (live and thereafter) convince the interviewers you are the best choice, among several, to solve their problem right now?

Interview Concierge

Broken Start-Point

You’re dissatisfied with the quality of offers coming in…

You did it… created an effective resume and impressed the interviewers, but what you’ve been offered doesn’t feel right.

Fortunately, you have underestimated your value or overestimated the opportunity. I can fix this. Unfortunately, you also invested hours of time, energy, and advertised your intent to leave your current position, for nothing in return.

How do you avoid this on the next try?

Your job now, is to re-strategize your ‘hunt’ with new information on hand: a realistic view of your value and your expectations.

Does your ‘candidate marketing package’ (resume, LinkedIn, and interview performance) tell the right story? And is that story compelling enough to secure your next target, right now?

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Why Work With Me?

Relentless. Savvy. I love what I do!

Leverage my near decade experience as an executive recruiter and track record of success helping 250+ professionals secure a better position. Nine out of 10 clients are invited to interview within 72 hours of resume submission.

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